Our Management Team is supported by a group of people with extensive experience and knowledge in the civil construction industry. Our teams are responsible for the delivery of our projects to our clients whilst planning for the future and encouraging and supporting innovative ways to improve the delivery and service provided.

Get to know our:

Executive Management Team

Our Executive Management Team consists of:

Company Owner and Managing Director: Mr Frank Kenny

Our Executive Management team is responsible for overseeing all company operations and financial functions. Our leaders liaise with all individual team members to ensure all current and future contracts and construction programs are on time and will meet budget and contractual obligations with regards to health and safety.

Project Management Team

Our specialist Project Management team is headed by our Operations Manager and consists of our Construction Managers and the Occupational Health & Safety Manager. The project team also includes a Project Estimator, a team of experienced Site Supervisors, a qualified Surveyor and our Contract Administrators.

This team is responsible for the successful completion of projects and ensures that contract works progress within the specified time frames and under established budgets, whilst achieving contractual objectives and obligations. Our Operations Manager ensures that all projects are given sufficient resources while managing relationships with contributors and contract stakeholders, along with internal personnel.

All project team members are experienced and qualified individuals who actively work on one or more phases of our projects. They ensure that the contribution and completion of contract deliverables are achieved, as well as documenting processes and meeting project objectives.

Team Personnel:

Operations Manager: Mr Warwick Kindt
Project Manager: Mr Richard Denby (Projects)
Occupational Health & Safety Manager: Mr Terry Evans
Site Supervisors: Mr Russell Murray
Mr Eric Forrest
Project Engineer: Mr Billy Chen

Plant & Transportation Team

Our Plant and Transportation team is instrumental to the success and completion of all our projects. Headed by our Plant and Transport Manager, the team is responsible for ensuring that all plant and equipment service standards are being met.

The team must effectively liaise and negotiate with key project personnel to ensure all plant and equipment and operational personnel are appointed to ensure success of a project. They succeed by meeting construction deadlines and contract deliverables.

This team is also responsible for ensuring that project materials are delivered on time whilst also complying with company policies with regards to health and safety.

Team Personnel:

Transport / Workshop Manager: Mr Chris Branchi
Block Manufacturing Supervisor: Mr Ben Evans
Other Personnel:

Mechanics (including Apprentice Personnel)
Workshop Personnel
Heavy Haulage Truck Drivers
Construction Plant Operators

Finance & Administration Team

The Finance and Administration Team ensures that the planning, overseeing, directing and evaluation of the fiscal function of the company is being upheld.

This group of people ensures the smooth functioning of the organizations systems and processes are efficient and effective and guarantee accurate management of finance and administration matters.

Team Personnel:

Accountant: Mr David King
Payroll Officer: Ms Katie Nevile
Office Administrators: 

Ms Debbie Jones